Examples for data logger, MDA-System and PLC-Analyzer

All Examples are constructed as tutorials. These tutorials show the possible field of application for HSDBASE and can also be used for a fast introduction in HSDBASE. The tutorials are constructed as Flash-videos. If Flash-Player isn't installed, executable files with an included player are available for download.

Tutorial 1: Easy data logger

This example shows the creation of a simple data logger with HSDBASE on the basis of a test stand. Three different temperature values should be read cyclic from the PLC and saved into a CSV-file.

Flash (1.07 MB) Download EXE (1.49 MB)

Tutorial 2: MDA-System

For product traceability, a serial number and some assembly sizes should be read out of a PLC which controls an assembly machine. Additional all parameter changes, occurring messages and the operations modes should be recorded. The data should be saved in a MySQL database.

Flash (3.80 MB) Download EXE (4.22 MB)

Tutorial 3: Cycle exact diagnostic

On the basis of a pneumatic handling in a cam-controlled machine this tutorial demonstrates cycle exact data capturing.

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